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Micro-farming machine manufacturers to share mechanical components after use to adjust

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 10, 2016

Micro-farming machine in operation after the fastening and parts in time to make the necessary adjustment, micro plow machines used in many places after a period of time, some parts of the gap increases, are users themselves make the necessary adjustments.

Micro-farming machine are of the opinion that tiller clutch, reverse, throttle, steering and so on is through cable operations, cable and flexible elongate, so be adjusted by adjusting the screw.

There is a shaft of gear box, tandem axle, two cone-shaped gear, such as after a period of time, will produce a certain amount of clearance, a shaft, two-axis through the tight rear adjusting screws, conical involute gears by increasing steel shims to adjust between the two teams.

Micro-farming machine in the reminders every day, make the necessary fastening. But special attention is that the screws of the engine not to let it get that close, mainly those directly on the aluminum casing screws.