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Basic Concepts Of Tiller

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 10, 2016

Grasses and other plants on the ground or premises branching near the ground. Have a more inflated and storage on the tiller is rich in nutrients. Directly from the main stem base level issued by tiller tiller Festival, at base of primary tillers and tiller that can generate new shoots and adventitious root formation of secondary tillers. Under the favorable conditions, can create a third-level and fourth-level tiller. Results of a plant to form a number of branches clustered together. Early birth of the heading fruit that tiller called effective tillers, can't later give birth to a heading or a heading without firm called tillers. Directly related to the productive tiller and panicle number per unit area.

Wheat tillering number of water, fertilizer, light, temperature, the impact of agricultural practices and other conditions. Conditions are appropriate, and tiller number. Theoretically, tiller is unlimited. Currently, someone with a wheat seed, produced hundreds of tillers, and spend more than more than 100 ears of corn.