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Belt System Powerd Tiller Simple Structure

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Belt System Powerd Tiller Simple structure

Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 The development of the international tractor tractor is a small tractor, it is simple, less power, suitable for small plowing operations. It is required by the driver to hold the armrest control control mechanism, traction or drive supporting agricultural machinery to work. The world's first tractor was made by the United States, 1904. By 1920, some countries in Europe and the United States have begun to use tractors to engage in garden, orchards, nursery and small farmland operations, so it was called "garden tractor." As Europe and the United States is mainly the development of large and medium tractors, walking tractor application is not very wide, the development is also slower. In Japan, due to its unique geographical characteristics and production habits, so that tractors have been a large development. Japan's early tractor was drawn from Europe and the United States, and later designed according to the characteristics of Japanese agriculture designed for mountain paddy fields farming new models. Through a long time trial, but also because of the impact of the Second World War, until the post-war economic recovery period in 1946 began to gradually promote.

 80 years, the Japanese walking tractor to small, micro-direction. In 1986, the production of micro-tractors and micro-tillers below 3.7kW accounted for more than two-thirds of the total output of the Japanese tractor, which was still a belt drive but was powered by a small petrol. France, Italy also gradually miniature tractor tractor, and the belt drive to gear directly connected. Italy also turned the tractor into a miniature four-wheel tractor with a turn. South Korea also introduced technology from Japan in the 1980s, and vigorously developed micro-tractors and micro-tillers in the 1990s to suit the needs of family gardens, orchards and nursery [16]. 1.2 China's walking tractor development and problems to the 20th century, 90 years walking tractor was popular in China's township, a means of transport to diesel as fuel. China in the 20th century, before the mid-80s, walking tractors are mostly 8.8kW large tractor tractor, traction - driven and transport type, 80 years of rural production contract responsibility system, there have been 4.4kW small walking tractor , Mid-90s appeared 6 ~ 7kW medium-sized walking tractor. With the vigorous development of rural market economy and the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure, vegetable greenhouses, orchards and nursery developed rapidly. The existing tractors and their agricultural machinery tools can not meet the requirements of greenhouses, nursery, orchards and narrow areas The In order to meet the rapid development of China's rural market economy, especially with the "vegetable basket project" and vigorously planted fruit trees, flowers, tea, mulberry and other cash crops and special nirvana requirements, the mid-90s, China's agricultural industry appeared micro-hand Tractor, its power <4kW tractor.