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Electric Tiller Basic Working Principle

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

Electric Tiller Basic working principle

Applicability editor

China's farming terrain is complex, especially in mountainous areas, hills and small areas of paddy fields, so the promotion of micro-farming machine is an important means to achieve agricultural mechanization. With the rural household contract responsibility system to further deepen the scale of agricultural economic crop cultivation and agricultural shed technology to further promote the promotion of micro-farming machine in line with China's national conditions, but also to solve the "three rural" problem, to achieve our comprehensive agricultural Mechanized powerful tool.

Basic working principle editing

The rotary tiller is the most commonly used tillage part of the micro-tiller. The engine power is driven by the rotary tiller. The rotary table is arranged horizontally. There are a number of rotary tillers arranged in the circumference of the tool axis. Side drive two forms. Driven by the power of the rotary blade, continuous cutting of the soil, and cut the soil back to throw with the mud plate and flat soil pod impact, so that the soil further broken and then fell to the ground, to soil , Throwing soil, broken soil and the purpose of the ground, and by the soil during the cutting process to promote micro-farming machine forward. In the farming process, according to the farming conditions, the operator can change the size of the handrail pressure in time, adjust the tillage through the resistance bar and keep the micro-tiller balance forward, but also adjust the speed of the micro-tiller. Steering clutch left and right, manually adjust the direction of the micro-farming machine.

Classification editor

The micro-tillage machine is a non-seat-type walking operation of agricultural machinery. According to the size of power, micro-tillage machine can be divided into small, medium, large 3 categories.

Small tiller

Small micro-tillage machine is the host power of 4.5kW below the model. Its main components are power transmission part, walking part and working part. Because of its light quality, small size, flexible operation, therefore, not only can be used for vegetable greenhouses, low fruit trees, crops between the cultivation of weeding, soil fertilization and spraying liquid, and can be used for potato, potatoes, ginger , Green onions and other low-profile ditch, for ridge, planting operations. During the crop growth period. You can also use its fertilization soil, spraying pesticides and other management operations.

Medium tillage machine

Medium-sized micro-farming machine refers to the host power between 4.5-6.0 kw models. Its main components are the same as small micro-tillers. The engine can be equipped with air-cooled gasoline engine or water-cooled diesel engine. Medium-sized micro-cultivator gearbox can switch more gear, with I file, II file, III file and reverse I file, and with a vice-speed position, coupled with the control of the engine throttle speed, can be a variety of different speed , Able to adapt to a variety of natural environment and operational requirements. In order to reduce the operator's labor intensity. Such models are generally equipped with steering mechanism. So that the operator control more flexible and comfortable. Compared with small tillers. Medium-sized micro-farming machine work efficiency has been significantly improved. Medium-sized micro-tiller is generally used in large area of vegetable land, higher fruit trees (such as pear trees, apple trees), potato base, tobacco base and tea base, can be fertilized soil, ridge, , Ridge on the film and other operations.

Large tillage machine

Large micro-tillage machine power in the 6.0-7.5kW models for large-scale micro-farming machine. The main components include a power output section, a running section and a working part. Large-scale micro-farming machine is only one gear set, sub-forward 2 files, back 1 file, and can only position, can not turn. Large-scale micro-cultivators are generally suitable for cultivation in medium-sized plots (such as hills, terraces, paddy fields), can be deep turn, deep work.