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Electric Tiller Farming Machinery Technology

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Electric Tiller Farming machinery technology

Since the introduction of our country, after decades of unremitting efforts, has a great scale, and has a more complete range of product lines, can better meet the requirements of agricultural production and users. But by some unfavorable factors, China also has a weak foundation of research, technology, product development lag. Some experts believe that China's farming technology and product level compared with the developed countries there is still a big gap, the relevant technology at least 20 years behind, most products lag behind 20-30 years, and this gap is still continuing to pull Big.

The main reason for the widening of the gap is the lack of funding, weak research and development capabilities. A few years ago when the development of agricultural mechanization at a low ebb, some agricultural institutions and universities in the agricultural machinery departments have been downsizing and turning, so adhere to the agricultural research and development of this position fewer and fewer personnel, resulting in weak research and development of agricultural technology The At the same time, the state-level agricultural research units due to lack of funds, brain drain and other factors are difficult to make a difference; agricultural enterprises, especially farming machinery enterprises because of small size, low profits, most do not have the ability to develop independently. Which led to the basic, critical technology research is increasingly weakened; forward-looking technology, common technology research lost the foundation; new products and new technology research and development lag. And the new planting technology and farming methods required farming technology and product development lag, but also a direct impact on the promotion of new agricultural technology.

First, check the engine oil

The engine will be placed in a horizontal position, remove the oil dipstick and wipe the oil film, and then put the oil into the oil hole, then remove the oil dipstick to observe the oil level, gasoline engine oil should be to the oil hole, diesel engine oil should be the middle Parts, gasoline engines and diesel engines can not be exchanged or mixed use, if the gasoline engine diesel engine, gasoline engine can make a serious coke and can not start, if the diesel engine oil, diesel engine rods and other moving parts will quickly wear and tear, causing damage to diesel The Most users will not correctly see the oil ruler check the oil, easy to make the mistake is to remove the oil from the machine after the removal of the clean look, so that the results are mistaken for a lot of oil, and sometimes even no oil, and this will Causing the burner to damage the engine. The new micro-tillage machine for the first time to add enough oil, the machine should be running after 20 hours to put the oil, and then add the new oil, the purpose of the machine is the residual impurities and machinery wear down the metal powder clean, the machine wear , Durable, to take advantage of the heat when the machine put the old oil, so this time the oil and impurities are mixed state, and the concentration is low, easy to put the impurities put the net.