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Electric Tiller Step By Step

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Electric Tiller Step by step

Tiller used four off

Tiller use should be better than the following four levels:

First, the new machine grinding closed

Tilting machine is a gradual process of running a new machine, from the small throttle low speed, low gear, low load began to gradually increase to high speed, high gear, heavy load, under good technical conditions and lubrication conditions, through the slow Increase the load, and gradually wear off parts with the uneven surface of the micro-parts for the normal use of the machine and prolong life lay a good foundation, we must strictly follow the instructions required for the run-in.

Second, the machine maintenance clearance

Tilting machine has the advantages of simple structure, less protective measures, harsh working environment, parts friction and vibration and oil, mud and water invasion, which inevitably cause wear and tear of parts, loose connections and corrosion and aging. So that the state of the micro-tillage technology deterioration, power decline, fuel consumption increased, wear and tear, failure. If you want to have a smooth use of the machine, we must maintain a good machine, strict implementation of the "anti-rule of rule, pay attention to repair" maintenance system, in strict accordance with the maintenance cycle and content. A village of Liu reflects his weakness in the machine, burning oil, start difficulties, open the check: the engine gearbox has become muddy, poor lubrication; engine heat sink vent all blocked, poor cooling effect; cylinder liner Severe piston wear, lack of motivation. This is a typical failure caused by inadequate maintenance.

Third, the operation of the machine off

Method of using the operation is wrong, it is easy to cause some failures, making the micro-farming machine greatly shorten the service life, so the use of good operation.

1. Long time overload work. Tillers working hard in the fields, found black smoke machines, it is necessary to reduce the gear.

2. Found abnormal sound downtime maintenance. Remedy to restart after troubleshooting.

3. Various gaps to be adjusted.

4. Start-up method is not correct, easy to damage the boot plate. In strict accordance with the instructions to start.

5. Do not lift the hand when turning, the use of power knife tilting turn, easy to break the power knife.

6. Long time Alice work, easy to make the engine lubrication bad.

Fourth, the machine store off

Tillers in the long-term storage of agricultural negligence, to prevent corrosion, store well off.

1. Gasoline engine manual according to the requirements of sealed gasoline engine.

2. Clean the appearance of dust, dirt.

3. Release the oil in the gearbox and inject new oil.

4. Non-aluminum alloy surface is painted with anti-rust oil.

5. Store the machine indoors in a well-ventilated, dry and safe place.

6. Safekeeping of random tools, product certification and instructions for use.