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Electric Tiller Strong Mobility

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Electric Tiller Strong mobility

Operation of electric tiller

Do not let the engine run at high speed, avoid overloading, otherwise it will shorten the life of the diesel engine, the winter weather is cold, if the diesel engine is not easy to start, but can be used in the engine, Remove the fuel filler plug on the cylinder cover before starting, add 2 ml of oil to the inside. After the engine starts, run in the idle state for 1-3 minutes, check the operation is smooth, with or without abnormal sound, and then open the door to the maximum, adjust the valve opening to achieve the required speed. According to the soil, choose the appropriate tillage and resistance rod height, under normal circumstances, the soil loosely choose fast file, resistance bar increased in order to facilitate the cultivation of several times. Soil harder selection slow, resistance bar down, while in farming, in the handrail to increase the downward pressure, in order to achieve a certain depth of cultivation.

The advantages of electric tiller

Electric tiller in addition to small horsepower of its small size, flexible and low cost for a variety of terrain operations. With light weight, low fuel consumption, relative power, compact structure, strong mobility, light and flexible operation characteristics. Can climb, more ridge, strong ladder. Is a large and medium-sized agricultural machinery can not match the multi-functional electric tiller, stable and reliable, long life, easy maintenance and so on. Coupled with the corresponding equipment can be realized dry land rotary tillage, paddy field rotary tillage, pumping, ditching, spraying, harvesting, power generation. Can be widely meet the hills, mountains, greenhouses, orchards, paddy fields and other different areas of agronomic needs.

Electric tillage machines are an indispensable role in agricultural machinery

Electric plowing machinery is an indispensable part of agricultural machinery, electric tiller with versatility, especially multi-function electric tiller, can be widely used in arable land, garlic management, diesel engine auxiliary use. Function varied, garlic, ginger, grapes and so on crops, can be used to electric tillage machine, electric plowing machinery. I made the company's high quality, durable, the appearance is also more impressive. Is an integral part of agricultural machinery.

Electric tillage machine is divided into a variety of, multi-functional, intelligent and special features, the pastoral crops is a surprise, it gives us the most intimate help, in the past arable electric tillage machine management are all rely on manual manpower To operate, the output is large and inefficient. Since the development of machinery industry, all kinds of agricultural machinery have emerged. The electric tiller changed the way of the lowest level of labor in the past. Greatly improving the quality of crop production, land cultivation is more powerful.