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Electric Tiller Use Should Be Noted

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 12, 2017

Electric Tiller Use should be noted

With the popularization of agricultural mechanization, micro-farming machine gradually into the farmers, farmers use tillage machines to cultivate management of pastoral, save time and effort convenient, micro-farming machine from geographical conditions, investment is not equivalent to an electric The price of the car, the micro-tiller can change the relevant configuration to complete the field sowing weeding, orchard plowing fertilizers and other agricultural facilities, so that the labor intensity of farmers greatly reduced, the efficiency doubled.

Today, as workers in labor costs are getting higher and higher, farmers are in desperate need of a machine that can replace a lot of labor to complete more field labor. The emergence of pastoral management machine, as a new type of development of agricultural machinery products, has been gradually accepted by farmers to solve the interests of farmers in the immediate interests.

Micro-tillage for field farming, furrow ridge, can also be used for vegetable greenhouses, nursery, orchards, tea garden management, loved by the majority of users. Turbine vortex drive, belt tension, advance and retreat complete, front wheel drive, making the operation more relaxed. Suitable for sandy, cash crops planted soil, cultivated and weed.

The use of micro - tillage machines should pay attention to the following aspects

1, the new machine running

The new machine is a step-by-step process. It must start from the small throttle low speed, low gear, low load, and gradually increase to high speed, high gear, heavy load, in good technical conditions and lubrication conditions, through slow Of the increase in load, and gradually wear parts with the surface of the micro-uneven parts for the normal use of the machine and extend the life of laying a good foundation, must be in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions to run the necessary.

2, machine maintenance

The micro-tiller has the advantages of simple structure, few protective measures, poor working environment, friction and friction between parts and oil, mud and water, and inevitably cause wear and tear of the parts, loose and corroded. So that the state of micro-farming machine deterioration, power down, fuel consumption increased, wear accelerated, failure. If you want to have a smooth machine, you must take a good machine maintenance, strict implementation of the "anti-rule, pay attention to repair" maintenance system, in strict accordance with the maintenance cycle and content to carry out. A village of Liu to reflect his machine weakness, burning oil, start difficult, open check: engine gear box oil has become mud, poor lubrication; engine heat sink ventilation holes all blocked, poor heat dissipation; , The piston is seriously worn, lack of power. This is a typical maintenance failure caused by failure.