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Electric Trolley From The Use Point Of View

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Electric trolley From the use point of view

Electric trolley must be lifted smoothly, from the perspective of use, not only requires electric trolley structure is stable, able to maintain a stable structure, not prone to structural damage, but also requires its structure in the use of time to maintain a smooth, Especially in terms of lifting is to be very smooth.

Lifting is the application of the rigid provisions of the electric trolley, because the use of the equipment, the need for its lifting operation which is very smooth, can be a good lifting effect, the safety of the equipment to do a good job protection. Otherwise, once the use of equipment in the rise and fall is not smooth phenomenon, not only because of the lifting process in the rocking of the structure of the equipment affected by the damage.

But also because of the rise and fall of the phenomenon of instability, resulting in the work platform staff in the process of lifting equipment in the process of shaking, it is easy to cause the staff on the platform under the equipment shaking down, which will staff Safety brought great damage. It can be seen that the electric trolley is stable in terms of lifting and lifting, and it has a crucial impact on its application safety. To ensure the safe application of the equipment, it is necessary to make the equipment smooth.

Taking into account the safety of electric trolley, we must ensure that the purchase of electric trolley in the structure of a solid at the same time, lift is also very smooth, can not appear in the lift process obvious shaking.

Users need to pay attention to the operation of electric trolley, for many users of the use of electric trolley, the need to pay attention to the following operating problems, to ensure that the small carts to do the operation, can be used in the small cart optimized Circumstances, to ensure that the work of the work to be optimized:

Operation problem 1: electric carts in the factory have been tested before commissioning, so the technical indicators have reached the design requirements, when used, do not need to re-hydraulic, electrical system to adjust, only need to turn on the power You can.

Operation Question 2: users in the use of electric trolley before the hydraulic, electrical system certification to do a good job in the confirmation of these systems part of the phenomenon of no leakage or leakage before they can start using.

Operation Question 3: When using the electric trolley, it is necessary to ensure that the four legs of the equipment are firmly supported on the solid ground, and the safety of the equipment is guaranteed in the case of ensuring that the equipment itself is in a stable state.

Operation problem four: the daily use of electric trolley, the need to let the air run 1-3 times in the air run without any abnormal line after the A line can be carried out after the load operation, but also in the use of which to ensure that the load center of gravity Should be at the center of the table as far as possible.

The user must be in the operation of the electric trolley to note these problems, can be done to optimize the equipment trolley. There are friends who want to buy electric trolleys can contact us Oh! Our company will bring you more knowledge.