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Electric Trolley Improve The Efficiency Of The Pull

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Electric trolley Improve the efficiency of the pull

Manufacturers of electric trolley electric trolley that is environmentally friendly and convenient, environmental issues in China is facing one of the most serious challenge in the 21st century. Human life and environmental friendly is to ensure long-term economic stability and sustainable development of the basic national interests of environmental protection machinery products in China's future development will be a bright future.

In the construction machinery and equipment, it is particularly important. Especially in the construction process of dust generated on the city's air a great impact. Environmental protection machinery products will be the future development of China's construction machinery mainstream. The design of environmentally friendly machinery products need to consider whether to adapt to the requirements of the development of the ecological environment, is a traditional amendment and supplement.

Electric trolley is compared to the old man's hand push trolley, not only the liberation of the workers' physical strength, but also improve the efficiency of the pull, can carry 600KG of goods, but also with electricity instead of manpower, steady, continuous, Charge for 5 hours and work all day long. This is a one-time pull more, the journey faster, the natural efficiency to improve. Than the use of old-fashioned human hand push ash bucket car 3 times faster. In other words, it is a top three. In this way, not only the construction period can be completed ahead of time, so that fewer workers to do more things, but also save the project manager employment wages. Bluntly is that the workers effort, engineering time, the boss to save money, we worry.

At present, the world's environmental protection industry with an annual output value of up to 600 billion US dollars, known as the development potential of the huge "sunrise industry." Experts predict that this year China's environmental protection machinery manufacturing industry output value will reach 50 billion to 600 billion yuan, annual growth of 12% to 16%.

In China's environmental protection investment, environmental protection machinery occupies an important position, environmental protection machinery manufacturing industry in the future is vast. According to China's environmental protection machinery "Eleventh Five-Year" plan, "Eleventh Five-Year" period the average annual growth rate of environmental protection equipment will be more than 15% in 2020 to reach 240 billion yuan. China's environmental protection machinery manufacturing industry this year, the output value will reach 50 billion to 600 billion yuan, annual growth of 12% to 16%, and China's environmental protection industry, the compound annual growth rate and environmental protection machinery "Eleventh Five-Year" plan, Not fast, the next two years to enhance the space is great.

At present, China's environmental protection equipment is still in the development stage, the domestic enterprise structure scattered, the number of enterprises engaged in many, but mainly small and medium enterprises, concentration is not high, enterprise products, high technology and equipment is still less.

Electric carts just put into the market, to usher in large quantities of orders, the feedback effect is also very good, not only with the convenience, carrying capacity, long working hours, fast charging, and no quality damage. Electric trolley to the user word of mouth, not only because of its actual handling function, but also because of high quality after-sales service. No matter what the user asked questions, will be humbly listen to, and then carefully resolved, and continue to improve the product, so that the handling of efficient work, leaving customers with the convenience of worry.