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Electric Trolley Maintenance Requirements

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Electric trolley Maintenance requirements

How to carry out the maintenance and the maintenance of the electric trolley and the convenience of the electric trolley on the transportation of goods make the logistics industry have a very important position and are used by many warehouses. In order to prolong the service life of the equipment, the maintenance of the equipment Maintenance, which need attention?

1. Failure: electric trolley in the use of failure, it is necessary to immediately disconnect the power supply, find someone to repair, you need to pay close attention to equipment operation, found to have poor lubrication, parts loose, deviation, crawling, deceleration, stuck, Vibration, the wheels do not turn or fall off, and other anomalies should be immediately shut down inspection, troubleshooting can continue to work.

2. Operating requirements: After using the electric trolley everyday, stop the vehicle, disconnect the power, clean the work area, and then leave after checking. In particular, pay attention to the cleanup in the field and the clean in the field. The stability, reduce the impact has a very important role.

3. Maintenance requirements: to conduct regular inspection of the electric trolley, the timely replacement of damaged parts, the choice on the maintenance of manufacturers, if there is aftermarket, it is best to provide after-sales manufacturers to cooperate for the maintenance of the effect of the guarantee, with Very important role to extend the service life.

It can be seen that in the use of electric trolley, you need to pay attention to these operations, for the extension of the device life, to ensure the stability of the use of the effect is necessary.

Users need to pay attention to the operation of the electric trolley, for many users using the electric trolley, you need to pay attention to the following operation problems, to ensure that the little trolley to operate in order to be able to use the cart optimization In the case, to ensure that work operations are optimized for:

Operation problem 1: Electric trolley after inspection in the factory have been debugged, so the technical indicators have reached the design requirements, when in use, you do not need to re-hydraulic and electrical systems to adjust, just turn on the power Can be.

Operation Problem 2: Users should check their hydraulic and electrical system certification before using the electric trolley. Only after confirming that there is no leakage or nuisance leakage in these systems can they start using.

Operation Problem 3: When using the electric trolley, it is necessary to ensure that the four outriggers of the equipment are firmly supported on a solid ground. Only when the equipment is in a stable state is the application safety ensured.

Operation Problem 4: When using the electric trolley daily, you need to let it run 1 to 3 times in air, load work after the air-line runs without any abnormality in the A-line, and also ensure the center of gravity of the load during use Should be as far as possible in the center of the table.

The user must be aware of the above problems in the operation of the electric stroller in order to optimize the stroller. Friends who want to buy electric trolley can contact us! Our company will bring more knowledge to everyone.