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Electric Trolley Trolley Features

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

Electric trolley Trolley features

Site electric trolley is my company developed a new generation of pull goods assistant, is divided into electric car and electric flatbed two, can be used for the floor to pull the brick, pull ash, clean up the floor and basement garbage, can enter the pull elevator, into the high-level operations , Provincial people, effort, convenient and quick. This product is our sole patent product, designed to solve the current construction industry continues to popular market background, the human cost continued to pull high, the traditional cart labor intensity, low production efficiency, short life and other issues, after my company Up to a year of in-depth study, hard research, and finally developed this new electric car and electric flatbed car.

Site electric trolley Features: 1, can turn the rear wheel electric truck trolley rear wheel can be rotated, used to control the direction of rotation flexible and free. 2, three light rubber wheel electric logistics trolley, electric load trolley with three light rubber wheels, rubber texture bearing large, do not slip, more secure. 3, removable tramp electric car trolley, electric truck trolley station for the detachable device, with the time on, do not remove, convenient and flexible. 4, seamless panel design electric flat trolley, electric handling trolley panel no gap, the battery hidden in the panel, the panel can effectively prevent water and dust damage to the battery. Applicable to a wide range of people and goods counterparts, more efficient! Electric trolley body compact, flexible, can easily change any direction, suitable for logistics park, large warehouse, crowded streets, vegetable market / seafood market, furniture market and so on. The flexible steering method determines that it can be perfectly applied to a variety of occasions, giving you a convenient handling experience. The construction industry is a strategic industry for the provision of technical equipment for the national infrastructure. It is also an important sub-sector in the equipment manufacturing industry. It is one of the areas that the state encourages and develops. The development of its manufacturing technology can fully promote the industrial upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry. Technological progress is the embodiment of the national comprehensive strength. At the same time, engineering machinery in the face of market economy, to participate in global competition, advanced manufacturing technology has become the core competitiveness of enterprises. This shows that the intelligent will become the future of electric trolley electric flatbed construction machinery development trend of the mainstream. Manpower trolley mechanized arrival, will completely change and subvert the traditional site workers brute force of the industrial status quo, Xiao Bian why there is such a big self-confidence that preferred small series of one-on-one understanding and awareness, no Doubt the construction site electric trolley can solve this problem, living in the north of the wide friends if careful point is not difficult to find, some large-scale site all the reform using electric dump truck, electric flatbed two to reduce human, labor, load transport capacity and even reach the ordinary Five times, greatly increased the efficiency. But also effectively prevent the summer workers heat stroke, dehydration, resulting in delays in the duration. If the use of traditional manual hand-push mode, the first speed and cost simply can not meet and meet the needs of the community, so the electric trolley not only in the demand and quality is far beyond the human, transport is manpower can not be compared.