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Electric Trolley While Using It

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 12, 2017

Electric trolley while using it

Of course, is to ensure quality, permanent power supply! As a battery-powered vehicle, using its most embarrassing outcome is no electricity, or power shortage, the vehicle's building materials thrown on the halfway. If you intend or have started using the electric trolley, followed by Xiaobian together to see the use of trams it!

       Now the market of electric trolleys vary widely, but in addition to similar functions on the basis of the user has not considered the most important battery is enough. A lot of electric trolley battery can only work 4-5 hours, half a day there is no electricity, and that the remaining half a day, do not want to push this heavy guy difficult? Or to continue the old hand push the human body ash truck it? If you think the charge is not very troublesome, then you often charge it. If you buy some spare battery for a bit like ah, then if you really do not bother, that nothing to say. In fact, choose a big brand, quality assurance of the most important electric trolley, I think, do not have such a strenuous. On the battery, just charge 5 sales can work all day, a full 10 hours Oh For the use of the process, the direction of the grasp, the market is not really look at the electric car is the case, in fact, these details, it is likely to affect the efficiency of the work. Then a well-designed handle is very important. Such as wide handle electric trolley easier to operate. Of course, if coupled with double-pole fixed, it is more beautiful. Not only solid structure, more convenient operation. Then the new energy technology Co., Ltd. launched this electric push ash truck to fully meet the needs. Supporting the wheel problem, but also can not be underestimated, many small factories or do not pay attention to the user experience of the company, in the production of the wheel on the nine careless, and are installed solid wheels, then the construction site is not flat on the road, knock knock Bouncing, bumping all the way to the sand. lime. This is bad after all. This can be clean transport, why have to be sparse. And some supporting the pneumatic tires, then it can withstand the heavy construction materials, it is necessary to know the cement and the like are very heavy weight of the building materials, so the process of tires will only make people feel a headache. In addition, if the overall structure can carry more pressure. Such as good quality motor can be dynamic, run more stable yet. You can understand the electric trolley accessories. 48-volt high-quality motor, not only to meet the load-bearing operation problems, more continuous to keep the pace of work. I am afraid we need to sum up some of the boss.