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European Type Gasoline Cultivator Generating Set

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

European Type Gasoline Cultivator Generating set

Gasoline generating set need to stop work, discharge power load, first close the output switch control box, make gasoline generator no-load running 1 ~ 2 min to decrease the temperature, and then turn the ignition switch to "stop (0 ff)" stop location, finally closed switch tank. No load stop is allowed, otherwise it will result in heat concentration and damage to the gasoline generator set. When the gasoline generator set is not completely cooled before it is completely cooled, it is important to remember that you can't touch the engine and the muffler area with your hands in case of burns. The heat engine cannot be packed into the box immediately, and must be cooled and stored, so as not to cause fire. It is not allowed to shut down the door, avoid the excessive oil intake, cause the difficulty to start again, or the residual oil accumulates the dirty glue to block the oil road. For ignition system in the work when radiation of high frequency electromagnetic wave band is very wide, interference with nearby home appliances or radio equipment (such as television, radio), equipped with damping resistance in the gasoline generator spark plug cap or directly using high pressure attenuation of edm spark plug wire can be high frequency oscillation damping point, in order to reduce interference with nearby radio equipment, in order to effectively significantly lower attenuation of high frequency oscillation without sparking voltage and energy, damping resistance tolerance for 4 ~ 15 k Ω commonly.

In gasoline generator spark plug cap and the connection part of the high tension line, as well as the spark plug cap and spark plug connection parts usually also suit a rubber sheath, to connect parts for protection, prevent the dust, mud and dirt from entering the spark plugs and the high voltage ignition coil and hard object collisions, not because of be affected with damp be affected with damp, ensure the center electrode and shell contamination caused by the leakage and the short circuit.

Due to the high voltage of the spark plug of the gasoline generator at work (1 ~ 2) x 104V, when the gasoline generator is running or testing, hands should not be touched to avoid electric shock. Some of the units also marked "high pressure" on the spark plug cover. For the general use of maintenance personnel, the maintenance of small generator fans mainly focuses on the following three aspects.

Check if there is any crack in the fan stem. If there are cracks, replace or weld repairs. It is necessary to pay attention to weld repair.

Check if there is any loose leaf blade, if it can be repaired by reclinching blades.

Check the Angle of the fan blade. Generally speaking, the Angle of the fan blade is 400 ~ 450, and the inclination of each blade should be equal. Otherwise, cold pressure correction should be carried out.

When the fan of the small generator is repaired, the static balance test must be carried out to ensure the fan is running smoothly. The method is: put the impeller (blade and frame) on the special shaft and put it on the blade iron to test (as shown in figure 8-35). During the inspection, the blade is gently moved with the hand, so that the impeller with the axle turns on the blade, and after the automatic stop, the impeller at the bottom will be marked. Repeat this several times, if every time somewhere in the lower position is the same blade, then the blade compared with other blade to heavier, available grinding wheel grinding the end face or the back metal to a little, to static balance. Poor quality of the fan blade, generally no more than 5 ~ 10 g, with axial impeller on the blade iron turns, each time to stop in the lower position of blade for any one piece, then to obtain the fan blade static balance.