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European Type Gasoline Cultivator Torque Characteristics

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

European Type Gasoline Cultivator Torque characteristics

It is the assembly base of the engine parts. It includes cylinder head, cylinder block, lower crankcase (oil pan). The cylinder head and the inner wall of the cylinder block together form part of the combustion chamber. Many parts of the body are part of the other systems.

Crank Mechanism

Is the engine to generate and pass the power of the body, through its piston reciprocating motion into the crankshaft of the rotary motion and output power. It includes piston, piston pin, connecting rod, crankshaft with flywheel and cylinder block. In the case of

Air Supply

Including the intake valve, exhaust valve, valve tappet and camshaft and camshaft timing gear (driven by the crankshaft timing gear) and so on. Its role is to make combustible mixture into the cylinder and timely discharge from the cylinder exhaust.

Fuel supply system

The gasoline engine fuel supply system includes gasoline tank, gasoline pump, gasoline filter, air cleaner, carburetor, intake pipe, exhaust pipe, exhaust silencer and so on. Its role is to mix the gasoline and air into a suitable combustible mixture into the cylinder for combustion, and combustion of the exhaust emissions from the engine.

cooling system

Mainly including water pumps, radiators, fan fans, water pipes and cylinder blocks and cylinder cover in the water jacket. Its function is to heat the heat of the heat parts to the atmosphere to ensure that the engine work properly. Lubrication system

Including oil pump, pressure limiting valve, lubricating oil, filter, oil filter and oil radiator. Its function is to supply lubricating oil to friction parts to reduce the friction between them, reduce the wear of parts, and part of the cooling friction parts, cleaning the friction surface.

Start system

Including the starting mechanism of the engine and its ancillary devices.As the gasoline viscosity is small, fast evaporation, can be outside the cylinder and the air to form a uniform mixture of gas, and then the mixture into the cylinder, or gasoline injection system to inject gasoline into the cylinder, so that gas expansion work. The disadvantage of the gasoline engine is that the thermal efficiency is lower than that of the diesel engine. The ignition system is more complicated than the diesel engine, and the convenience of the reliability and maintenance is not as good as that of the diesel engine.


Because of the same power conditions, the size and quality of the gasoline engine is smaller than the diesel engine; torque characteristics, good start and acceleration performance, low operating noise, low manufacturing costs, so the use of gasoline engine is very wide, , Speedboat, racing, small agricultural machinery, garden machinery and even aircraft models are widely used.