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Reviving Tillering Stage Of Early Rice Field Management Techniques

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 10, 2016

At present, the County closed most of the rice planting, entered a period of regreening tillers in paddy fields, key management during this period were: Green survived, runt seedling in prevention, promotion of early-onset form more low effective tiller, to increase the percentage of lay the foundations, strive for big grain weight per Spike, you should pay special attention to the following points.

Effects of tillering fertilizer again 1, early, early. Due to by drought effect and postponed planting, this year rice of effective tillering stage more short, for, to in plug (throwing) Hou 7th within hold Chase Shi tiller fertilizer, promote early health fast sent, depending on seedlings each acres applicator 5-8 kg urea for promoting tiller fertilizer; plug (throwing) 12-15 days Hou acres Shi urea 7 kg, and potassium chloride 7-8 kg or imports fertilizer 12-15 kg applicator for strong tiller fertilizer; on lengjintian except Chase Shi available n outside, also should increased Shi p potash, used foliar spray Shi phosphate two hydrogen potassium solution, prevent stiff seedlings. Fertilization mastered "before and after attack supplement", three elements must match to ensure nutritional balance.

2, timely weeding. Cast after 7 days after transplanting, tiller fertilizer combined with topdressing using herbicides, 18.5% seedling of availability per acre net 20-25 g butachlor 100-120ml or 60% mixed with fine soil or fertilizer applicator after weeding, remains shallow 3-5 days.

3, early diagnosis and transformation by Naeda. Naeda should appear in time to field technicians diagnostic. Seedlings due to mud fields, drainage thermostat, water lowering of ground water level, applying p and k; the stick thin seedlings caused by field, should be added to composted organic fertilizer, potash and fertilizer phosphorus fertilizer. For seedlings due to improper use of herbicides, be excluded again after water irrigation, water keep 3-5cm deep, while ye Mian Bao, penshibao foliage top-dressing of potassium chloride or phosphoric acid.