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Tiller Raw Materials

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

Tiller Raw materials

The tiller shall have the raw material report, the qualification certificate of the inspection department and the seal of the seal. The material report of the rudder and tiller. Inspection standard,

The tiller and tiller are conical with the tiller. The taper of the tiller is 1:10. The taper of the tiller is based on the taper of the tiller. After the taper hole repair, the color oil contact is uniform, the contact point is greater than 3 points in 25 x 25 (mm2) area, and the contact surface is more than 70%. The small end of the cone should be between 6 ~ 9mm clearance of the plane, as the screw nut and the residual amount of repair. The other structure of tiller and tiller is cylindrical overuse, and the tolerance reference is left. Key of the tiller. After the installation of the flat key, the two sides of the key should be checked with 0.05 mm. The depth should be no more than 20mm, and the top clearance of the key should be 0.5 ~ 0.8mm or 2 % of the key height. Oblique key after installation, use the 0.05 mm feeler check button on both sides, should be put into, such as insert, the depth should be not more than 20 mm, key should contact below, at this time there should be some oblique key type, for can out again when necessary.

The inner diameter of the rolling bearing is fitted with the rudder of the rudder bearing the body of the rolling bearing on the steering rod. The tolerance of the outer diameter of the rolling bearing should meet the requirements, as shown in table 4-6. After the scraping surface of the rudder bearing, the contact condition should be checked with the color oil. The area of 25 x 25 (mm2) should be greater than 3, and the contact should be uniform, and the contact surface should be more than 70%. This rudder is a double rudder, which is 4400mm apart from the ship. The center line of the rudder is located in the Fr0 position, which is orthogonal to the center line of the main propulsion system. The rudder engine room platform is at a distance of 4700mm. The base of the rudder is 3530mm. The correct installation of the rudder system is very important. At the time of installation, in addition to ensuring the relative position of the relative position mentioned above, the following procedures and requirements shall be strictly followed. The rudder and blade installation in the rudder system must be installed after the main propulsion system is installed and checked and confirmed. However, the rudder barrel and bearing sleeve must be in sync with the main propulsion system, and the positioning welding shall be completed before the shaft of the stern shaft of the stern shaft is finished. Before positioning installation must carefully review the baseline, hull of shaft centerline and Fr0 rib is correct, after confirm the above baseline correctly, use of shafting installation bracket of steel wire and steel wire, used by pulling the shafting actual center line of steel line (Fr1 - > Fr - 3). The external preparation is over. The process installation procedure of the rudder department is: (see rudder arrangement) 1, rudder and rudder position welding. 2. Positioning and welding of the steering shaft bearing sleeve (no. 39 of the rudder arrangement). 3. Install the top cover of the rudder bushing (serial no. 5) and the cylinder under the flap of the flap. Installation of rudder and blade. 5. Install seawater seal components (serial no. 34, 33, 26) and rudder bearing (thrust adjustable bearing). 6. Rudder pin installation (serial no. 12) and epoxy pouring. 7. Installation of the tiller and tiller. 8. Install rudder blade anode and seal rudder blade process access hole, etc. 9. Installation of steering gear, etc. 1. Install rudder stock and rudder. The correctness of the installation of the rudder barrel is a crucial step in the installation of the rudder. According to the rudder system arrangement on rudder trunk (number 4) the size of the cylindrical (ф 568), and the rudder cabin outside the hull plate platform, crossed hole, hole sizes ф 1000, grind the raw edges (to leave appropriate allowance), in order to ensure the above two opening position right, small and uniform, assembly clearance on craft requirements: based on the center of the rudder and the bearing sleeve, steel wire and steel wire on both ends of the centerline of the mark (where appropriate), retreat all steel wire, to the alignment of the centerline ф 15 ends of round steel weld alignment mark center. It is used as the center of cutting to make the distance cutting. Before welding at both ends of the round steel, it will be used as a cutting ring to be first put into the round steel, and must be careful when cutting.