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Vertical Shaft Tiller Farming Machinery

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

Vertical Shaft Tiller Farming machinery

Farming machinery is carried out on the farmland soil mechanical processing to make it suitable for crop growth, as the primary and basic links of agricultural mechanization, in the process of the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture in our country play a positive role.

After years of development, our country farming soil preparation machinery industry chain extension, adaptability significantly improve product area, the market continued to develop steadily, strongly supported by raising the level of agricultural mechanization in our country.

The market developed steadily. Under the support of favorable policies, China's farmland machinery market has developed steadily. From January to May 2012, 896 thousand subsidies were realized in the farm machinery, up 46.5% year on year. Large and medium-sized tillage soil preparation machine mainly concentrated in the northeast and xinjiang, medium-sized tillage soil preparation machinery mainly concentrated in DongMai District, small tillage soil preparation machine mainly in sichuan, guizhou and yunnan area, etc. Rotary tilling machine, the combination of sterilized rotary ploughing, unploughing joint, deep machine, hydraulic turning plough, disc harrow, etc. Are the supporting products of the farm machinery.

Product pedigree expansion. Around the conservation tillage and lower-yield fields in agricultural machinery enterprises in our country, the agricultural structure adjustment and agricultural demands for machines and tools, such as combining with the favorable opportunity, research and development of new products, improve manufacturing capacity, to speed up the pace of product structure adjustment, continuously expand the product spectrum. At present, has been formed mounted plough, traction plow, disc harrow, toothed harrow, roller, rotary cultivator, straw returned, combined soil preparation machine series products, such as manufacturing capability, some products close to the end of last century international technology level. Our country's design and manufacture of cultivated land machinery basically covers the field of the cultivated land, which can meet the needs of different areas for tillage.

The region was marked. Owing to different regional cropping patterns and agricultural requirements, different regions have different standards and different requirements for products. Heilongjiang, anhui and other provinces have developed agricultural machinery field inspection methods. The agricultural technical requirements of paddy fields and upland fields are very different, and different standards are proposed for ploughing machinery. The maximum difference between the rows of different provinces in the three provinces of the dry field is the maximum difference of 20 centimeters, which is high for the width and performance of the machine. Spring ploughing is an important content in the three northeastern provinces, requiring the whole machinery to have the functions of stubble, tillage, ridging and suppression. The field of dry field in the winter wheat area was mainly dominated by rotary tillage, and the seeds were seeded twice. The paddy field area has high requirements for water field plough, paddy field rotary cultivator, mixing machine, etc., and it is different from similar products in the dry field.

The problem of ploughing machinery

Despite the constant new developments in agricultural machinery enterprises in our country, the industry and product compared to developed countries and multinational companies successful development mode, tillage soil preparation machinery products in China is still faced with the active promotion, crossing the breakthrough, the problem of sustainable development.