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Vertical Shaft Tiller Focus On Maintenance

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Vertical Shaft Tiller Focus on maintenance

Vertical tillage machine focus on the maintenance of several major components

Vertical tiller is a small machine dedicated to farming, the machine model is small, good operation, is a family farmer farmer is a good helper. To maintain the vertical tillage machine equipment, not only to pay attention to its daily maintenance and maintenance, but also should be used in the usual focus on its several key components.

1, the engine. The engine is the power source for the vertical tiller. According to the use of different fuel can be divided into two major categories of diesel and gasoline engines. 2, gearbox assembly. The power of the engine is transmitted by the belt to the main clutch in the upper part of the gearbox assembly, through the main clutch input gearbox, through the gearbox transmission, and then through the drive shaft to the walking wheel, thus promoting the vertical tiller walking.

3, walking wheel. The running wheel is mounted on the drive shaft at the lower part of the gearbox assembly. The power of the engine is transmitted to the walking wheel via the transmission to promote the work of the vertical tiller. Walk on the road, you can use the road walking wheel. In farming, use a tiller walking wheel.

4, armrests. The armrest is a vertical tiller operating mechanism, the armrest mounted on the master clutch lever, throttle handle, start switch, steering clutch handle, armrest adjustment screw and so on.

5, farming equipment. Vertical tillage machines are mainly used for tillage tools, nail rake assembly, paddy field rotary tiller, dryland rotary tiller, opener, resistance bar, etc., according to different purposes, choose the appropriate farming equipment The

Vertical tillage machine less energy consumption, the use of flexible, easy to move, the use of good results, if coupled with the corresponding equipment, its use will be more extensive. The maintenance of these key components of the vertical tiller can minimize machine failure and save maintenance costs. The relationship between vertical tiller and agricultural development

With the popularization of agricultural mechanization, vertical tillage machine gradually into the farmers, farmers use vertical tillage machine to cultivate management of pastoral, save time and effort convenient, vertical tillage machine is not subject to geographical conditions, investment is not equivalent to The price of an electric car, vertical tiller by changing the relevant configuration can be completed field sowing weeding, orchard plowing fertilizers pumping water and other farm work, so that the labor intensity of farmers greatly reduced efficiency doubled.

Today, as workers in labor costs are getting higher and higher, farmers are in desperate need of a machine that can replace a lot of labor to complete more field labor. The emergence of pastoral management machine, as a new type of development of agricultural machinery products, has been gradually accepted by farmers to solve the interests of farmers in the immediate interests.