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Vertical Shaft Tiller High Performance

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Vertical Shaft Tiller High performance

Vertical cultivators suitable for a wide range, depending on the planted plants can be called strawberry vertical tillage machine, sweet potato vertical tiller, tobacco vertical tiller, cabbage vertical tillage machine, potato vertical tiller, these agricultural machinery With excellent performance, full-featured, small body, one person will be able to complete the operation of soil, ridge, rotary tillage, weeding, ditch, and other functional operations. Use regular tillage machines to periodically empty the oil. Many users in the replacement of oil, not all replaced, but to the tank to add new oil, this is not appropriate, will wear a bad machine engine.

With the batch of multi-functional vertical tiller gradually put on the market, more friends to buy the machine constantly wandering and hesitant, in the end to buy what brand of machine, to buy, of course, to buy good reputation, and that is more about vertical work Machine performance and price. Buying a vertical tiller is not only a tool to reduce labor intensity but also as a means of generating income. To complete their own farm work at the same time can also serve the neighbors. In the summer due to the high temperature, vertical tiller tires are prone to hot puncture, after the end of the use of vertical tiller will be placed in the shade. Multi-function vertical tiller trenching effect: depth of up to 40 cm, width of 8 cm to 1.2 m between, according to your width requirements of the configuration tool. Widely used in orchards, mountains, hilly plains, paddy fields, dry land, etc., vertical tillage machine really help farmers friends to solve a lot of problems. I have advanced technology companies, a complete scientific quality management system, improve the pre-sale, after-sales service, farmers friends can rest assured to buy. First, the engine starts and shuts down. Start: open the fuel switch, will adjust the operating handle to pull the starting position, hold the recoil hands. (Winter weather is cold, if the diesel engine is not easy to start, can be removed before the start of the cylinder cover on the fuel plug, inward by adding 2 ml of oil in winter cold weather, the diesel engine to start after five minutes of preheating operation. ) Shutdown: First, the speed control handle to the low speed position, so that the diesel engine without load for five minutes, and then the speed control handle to the "stop" position, do not use the decompression handle shut down, and finally the fuel switch back to " Off "position.

Second, the vertical tiller forward, turn, stop. When you move forward, place the clutch handle in the disengaged position, use the shift joystick to select the [HIGH] or [LOW] position, and lift the throttle switch handle slightly to raise the engine speed. Place the clutch handle slowly [ After the position, the vertical tiller is advanced. When turning, use the method of pushing the handrail to turn the vertical tiller. Change the clutch handle on the [away] position, then shift the joystick to the required gear, and finally the clutch handle slowly into the [Hop] position, so that vertical tiller speed forward. Stop the clutch handle in the [away] position, so that the vertical tiller to stop running, then the throttle switch handle on the [small] position, turn off the engine.

Third, the plowing method of operation: the wheels on the output shaft for the special large iron wheel; out of the resistance rod mounting bracket on the large pin, remove the resistance rod mounting frame; the plow mounting bracket installed to the vertical work Machine behind the connection frame, into the big pin, adjust the positioning bolt. When plowing, you can move the plow to adjust the handle to adjust the left and right angle of the plow, you can turn the adjustment hand wheel, so that the plow up and down to change the plow into the soil to change the depth of plowing.