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Vertical Shaft Tiller How To Carry Out Maintenance

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

Vertical Shaft Tiller How to carry out maintenance

Vertical tillage machine manufacturers are specialized in the production of agricultural machinery enterprises, manufacturers engaged in the production of the industry for many years, experienced, all the advantages of many, vertical tillage machine can not only save a lot of labor, so that people in the busy season After the busy season, but also can improve the crop yield, so we need to carry out maintenance, as follows:

       1, the engine low-speed operation after 5 minutes after the shutdown, while the machine drain oil, add a new oil.

2, remove the fuel filler plug on the cylinder cover, add about 2 ml of oil.

3, press the decompression start the handle do not release, pull the recoil starting rope 5-6 times, and then release the decompression handle, slowly pull the starting rope, until you feel a greater resistance so far.

4, let go of the diesel engine in the diesel engine. Water-cooled diesel engines should also be placed in water tank cooling water.

5, remove the vertical tillage machine and the knife on the sludge, weeds, etc., the machine stored in a dry and dry and not where the sun and rain.

The existence of multi-functional vertical tiller has brought convenience to our life. Nowadays, the workload of farmers' friends has been reduced. The use capacity is limited, the structure is simple, it is suitable for economical and easy to use. Vertical tillage machine in the use of the process should pay attention to the problem, as follows:

    Multifunctional vertical tiller in the use of the process should pay attention to what? Summary in the operation method is not right, it is easy to cause some failure. Summed up mainly in the following categories:

    1, long time overload operation. Vertical tiller in the paddy fields and hard field operations, found that the machine black smoke, it is necessary to timely downshift. The same time as

    2, found abnormal sound in time to stop maintenance. Eliminate the drums before they start. The same time as

    3, all kinds of gaps to be adjusted. The same time as

    4, start the method is not correct, easy to damage the boot plate. To be in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions to start. The same time as

    5, do not lift the arm when the steering, the use of a knife to help turn, easy to break the help of farming knife. The same time as

    6, long time Alice head work, easy to make the engine lubrication bad.