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Vertical Shaft Tiller Safe Operation

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Vertical Shaft Tiller Safe operation

The leader in agricultural machinery - vertical cultivator

Vertical cultivator is a small machine, the reason why so many users like friends, because he can liberate a lot of labor, convenient and flexible, full-featured vertical cultivator to farming land is no longer physical activity . Novice operating vertical cultivator must have a dedicated operator next to the guide to ensure the safe operation of the machine to prevent injury to the body during operation hurt. Because vertical cultivator working environment is harsh, so maintenance should be in place, the quality of maintenance is related to the machine's work efficiency and service life. For the user to save a lot of time, you can do other work, it is time-saving, labor-saving, vertical cultivator, a good helper farmers.

Countries vigorously develop agriculture, vertical cultivator usher in market development opportunities, the state subsidies for farm machinery getting better and better. Vertical cultivator should pay attention to when not in use, maintenance, removal of the Ministry of soil, weeds, dust, and work parts coated with anti-rust oil. In the absence of skilled operators on the scene, others are not allowed to operate vertical cultivator Shimoda. Buy a convenient, flexible and versatile vertical cultivator. With the characteristics of convenient operation, light weight, small volume and simple structure, it is the most commonly used agricultural machine in cultivated land sowing. Vertical cultivator is to meet the needs of customers, with reference to internal and external models to improve the design of new products, the specific structure of the product specific, superior performance, lightweight and flexible, good reliability, long life, etc., used in plain, hills, Various farmland operations in the mountain rotary fertilization, not suitable for large rock mass operations.

The vertical cultivator is composed of a power driven host and a rotary cultivator, and the auxiliary power is a basic diesel engine, a gasoline engine, and the user can also match other types of diesel engines whose motive power is not greater than a predetermined value according to actual needs. The machine has the advantages of simple and compact structure, light and flexible operation, light weight, reliable use, easy maintenance, good passing and so on.

1, the scope of application

The machine can meet the needs of users in Pingba, hilly and mountainous areas and rotary tillage and land preparation in dry land, paddy fields, tea gardens, orchards, flowers and vegetable sheds, etc. The machine can be selected according to the needs of production to carry out field operations operation. Vertical cultivator operation

After starting the engine, carefully observe the exhaust pipe exhaust smoke and listen to the sound of the engine, when confirmed that the engine is working properly in the clutch state, select the appropriate stalls, combined with the clutch, farming machinery began to rotate, can field Work properly, do not force the clutch in the clutch status, otherwise it will smash Gearbox, resulting in unnecessary losses. If the clutch is not clear, it must be adjusted until the clutch can be separated to clear the gear.

When the clutch handle is gripped, the clutch is engaged. When the clutch handle is disengaged or the clutch handle is disengaged, the clutch is in the disengaged pull-rod clutch by pushing the trigger forward, the clutch engaged, and the lever backward Pull, clutch separation.

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