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Vertical Shaft Tiller Use Performance

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Vertical Shaft Tiller Use performance

Vertical tillage machine with good use of performance and wide range of use by the majority of users are welcome, vertical tillage machine for which terrain it? The following Xiaobian to tell you about the vertical terrain application of terrain.

Vertical tillage machine is based on the vast hills of our country, the mountain area is small, the height difference is large, but also the inorganic farming road, and specifically for the orchard, vegetable land, greenhouse, hills and slopes and small pieces of operation and design. With the corresponding equipment can be pumping, power generation, spraying, spraying, harvesting, ridge, film, perforation, broken grass, rhizome harvest, soil, soil, open deep ditch, base fertilizer, Such as plains, mountains, hills, dry land, paddy fields, orchards, vegetable land, shallow rotary tillage, plowing, open furrow ridge. Vertical tiller is a multi-functional small-scale agricultural machinery. Vertical tiller is a small main diesel or petrol for the fuel power machinery and equipment, with a long time to need to refuel, we are in the vertical tillage machine when the need to pay attention to the can not be added full.

Diesel tank: After the engine is working, the diesel will be subject to thermal expansion, plus mechanical vibration, if the tank is too full, the diesel will overflow from the tank cover, both a waste of oil, and easily lead to fire. Therefore, it is advisable to add 90% of the tank volume.

Oil pan: When the oil in the oil pan is added too much, the oil will enter the combustion chamber to participate in the combustion, both to increase the oil consumption, but also easy to cause the accident. In addition, too much oil will increase the connecting rod, crankshaft movement resistance, increase power loss. Therefore, oil in the oil pan should be added between the upper and lower marks of the oil dipstick.

Air filter: oil bath air filter oil tank oil should be added to the engraved position, if added too much, the oil will inhale the cylinder to participate in combustion, likely to cause carbon deposition and cause the accident.

Cooling water pump bearings: water pump bearings can not be too much oil, otherwise it will increase the bearing friction resistance, but also lead to water pump, seal seal too early damage. The above is about the vertical tiller refueling matters, we have always adhere to the service above all else, and effectively solve the problems and problems, sustained, stable, balanced, win-win situation is the company's core philosophy, quality first, value service, efficient work. Vertical tiller is a new type of mechanical equipment in agricultural production, and its emergence has greatly improved the production efficiency. When the vertical tillage machine work can not be normal operation, under normal circumstances is the following aspects need to check, the following Xiaobian introduce vertical tillage machine troubleshooting analysis.

First, check whether the engine compression, processing method is to replace the piston ring.

Second, check whether the engine oil deterioration or less, the treatment is to replace or make up oil.

Three is to check whether the air filter is blocked, the exclusion method is to clean the filter;