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Wheat Tillering Is Expected To Spike

Taizhou Wanda Cord and Cable Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 10, 2016

Frost appears is at jointing stage of wheat, most of the wheat is unplugged 2. Under normal circumstances, wheat first internode little fungal infection, mostly in the second and third internode, internode, black water loss and decay, upper leaves yellow. Wheat rot-affected, serious plant die, upper leaves are withered plants yellow, later not to ear. Shi Jianrong, the researchers said recently he was all over the field in see also, not all the plants die, only half of the dead, rotting, absorb small amounts of nutrients from the roots up, forming heads still finds some plant diseases section of the upper dead from new small tiller on the base section. These little tillers as long as the conditions are suitable, can also use spike. Used to have this kind of technology, cold lead between the second section of the main stem upper after the death of the second section of the plant, can occur on the base section of tiller bud growth spike. Want these little tillers, requires the tiller must be before the end of March, and the main stem had died. If the tiller at the end of March, but the main stem is not dead, most of the nutrients will supply the main stem small tiller can't get enough nutrients, much hope of Spike. If the tiller is only now beginning to happen, or small tiller, no Peel found the heads, hopes there is no spike.